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Onderwerp: Terug van weg geweest :) EP82 turbo

Terug van weg geweest :) EP82 turbo 17 okt 2015 06:45 #3717

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Een aantal van jullie kent mij vast nog wel :) Zag dat ik niet meer op de lijst stond. te inactief denk ik. Even een revival van mijn auto topic. Wel in het engels want dan hoef ik niet alles te herschrijven :D

Where to begin...

A long long time ago (februari 2005) i bought a little old starlet ep81 NA. with just 150.000km on the clock
Purpose of the car was a pure and simple commuter from home to work.

and this is what she looked like (booooring)

in case you find a certain part of my project car interesting there are links that will take you to my photo albums on picasa.

more pics from when i bought the old gal

slowly i found out that there were little things i could mod on the car. changed the grill, rims, spoilers, dash etc. etc.

more pics of the first mods

then i wanted to redo the interior. i had never attempted something like this so i had no knowlage whatsoever of sowing and crap like that. the result was that it took me ages to complete but the result was quite good :)

and yes, made by 2 blokes who discoverd the power of a sowing machine for the first time :D

more pics of the interior

the old bouncy suspention rly needed to be updated and so the modding began to improve handling

brakes and shocks

a few more things were added: swaybars front and rear, struts front and rear, adj. panhard, cusco camberplates etc. it was around that time i found out about the ep82 GT Turbo models! they were never sold as left hand drive so i had never come across one yet. so i decided i had to start getting all the parts to build myself a left hand drive GTT

Found and bought a GTT bodykit in the UK

GTT body webalbum

it was around that time that the old 2e-e powerplant started to make unhealthy noises and as i still had a spare engine from a car i stripped i decided to swap the engine

few more pics

tinkered a bit with a psp as car audio with a 5.1 logitech speaker set. took it out quite soon after though :)

more pics of the audio setup

got hold of a knackered set of rims, refurbished them in white :)

rims pics

in the meantime we had moved to a new house with a decent garden with the possibility of building a garage. this is the


more pics of the


finally got hold of a 4efte engine wich were quite rare in the netherlands (i believe i was the 4th starlet in the netherlands to house a 4efte engine at the time)

more pics of the stock 4efte engine

having the turbo in was a great step forwards for my project! had heaps of fun driving it after being used to just 75bhp. Also tried to get the engine swap legal and after some fretting i managed to get the paperwork done :) the first approved turbo starlet in the netherlands :D felt good to have it all done right. no worries from the police or insurance :) not long after the modding began again. moved the air filter to the front bumper, WEPR manifold and downpipe, HKS actuator, FCD, SAFCII and a few other minor things made it possible to drive at 1 bar boost wich netted me 177bhp back in 2010

klik a pull on ct9a @ 1 bar boost
klik dyno run JAF 2010, 177bhp

had some fun doing a short time attack circuit at the dutch toyo challenge. lots of mr2's, supra's, celica's etc. and a little old starlet that took home the 2nd prize :D

few pics of the toyo challenge

couple of vids:

klik 2nd place Toyo Challenge 2010

klik my wife running her time attack for the very first time ever

drove in the auto-X event on the japanese auto festival in the netherlands.
the car did great! came home with the 1st price of the modified class

klik 1st place Auto-X JAF 2010

my wife's run :)

klik my wife's best time on auto-X JAF 2010

finally bought a full toms replica kit :)

more TOM's kit pics

as the car had a lower stance it was difficult to fit a jack under the car. to save time during repairs etc. i made a few ramps

pics van de bokken

with the added power of the turbo came a few small problems. the brakes needed to be updated and the top mount intercooler got too hot. so decided to swap it out and go FMIC

more pics of the update

started to notice the lack of engine information in the car so decided to make a custom center console with gauges in it

boost, smallband air/fuel, exhaust temp
water temp, oil temp, oil press.

how to make a console

little winter project on my dash. those are xmas led lights :) i love to use things for what they weren't intended for

cost me a grand total of 5 euro's to build, talk about major investments :)

xmas dashbord pics

and then disaster struck. due to a driver error (going around the roundabout a few times and flooring it straight after) the engine suffored oil starvation and made some seriously unhealthy noises didn't take me long to realise what had occured and i decided to check the damage and refurbish the engine

confirmed my suspicions....

lot's and lots of

stripping and preparing for rebuild pics

1 piston showed a slight crack, bent 1 rod, bearings were gone, turbo had seized... yikes..

decided to take her off the road for a while and completely redo the engine and other repairs

to do list:

rebuild engine
respray engine bay
respray interior
wire tuck
battery relocating
redo the engine loom

bought another spare bottom end
bought a set of rods and pistons from a glanza
gasket kit for the engine
replaced some sensors
etc. etc.

as the whole thing was inside out anyways we decided to flow the head

flowing the head

stripping out the interior, placing the rollcage, replaced the seats and seatbelts

resulting in:

a few more pics

and rebuilt the engine:
stripped down bare and repainted... everything...


back in the car:

lot's of pics of the assembly

a few glamour shots :)

my tailgate was starting the rust quite badly and i was lucky a friend of mine found a clean rustfree tailgate for me :D

repairing the TTE midspoiler. made of gummy like material and is very easely dammaged

aaaand disaster struck again!

long story "short" in the winter my oil catch can lines were frozen solid, pressure built up in the engine, blew out the turbo seals, filled the turbo intake and exhaust side with oil. resulting in smoke... looooots of smoke

something about pics and 1000 words:

took off the air filter, splut, 0.2 liters of oil came out of the turbo

took the turbo off

exhaust side, soaked with oil

intake side, soaked aswell

time to dismantle the turbo and figure out the damage

hurray... more oil..

cold side fan

dismanteling cold side

turns out the seals were still intact. was just the pressure inside the block that pushed oil passed the seal.
no shaft play, no damage whatsoever.

gave it all a good ultrasonic clean

checked everything for play

rebuilt :)

time to look at the exhaust

oh dear...


removing oil ^^ the eco way

found out i had a crack in the manifold and wastegate, rewelded them

giving the exhaust a decent buff

and we power on till something else fails :D

a while later...
i decided to take my hood off for a good spring cleaning

all cleaned:

and coulden't resist taking a spraycan to it

and disaster struck yet again! was only a matter of time...

found the limit of a glanza rod :) was flooring her, 1.1 bar boost, 7200rpm. snap went the rod, tore a hole in the block and sump.
it was a violent death with lots of unhealthy noises, smoke and flying carparts. the only way a engine should go out if you ask me :)

so, here we are again, in the workshop, prepping for surgery to find out what can be salvaged

a familliar sight:

bottom of the rod facing up... well that doesn;t require a lot of detective work to find out what caused the engine to die

new ventilation holes in the back of the engine

as a friend of me quoted:

Life should NOT be a journey to the grave
with the intention of arriving safely
in an attractive and well preserved body,
But rather to skid in sideways,
chocolate in one hand,
beer in the other,
body thoroughly used up,
totally worn out and screaming
"WOO HOO what a ride!"

and that is exactly what she did :)

post mortum continued:
damage assesment was quite good all things concidered.
only things damaged and in need of replacing were: sump, bottom end, rod, piston.

the engine was running quite well looking at the colors of the pistons, spark plugs etc.
removed the sump and recovered some engine bits :)

started digging through my piles of parts, still had the bottom end from the last engine failure, was good enough to use. still had a few glanza rods and pistons. found a good match, balanced it to match the others. checked the crank if it hadn't warped. and had just 0.015mm of play so was within the limits and could be reused.

derusted and prepped the spare bottom end

just waiting on some parts (sump, new headgasket)

let the assembly commence! (again...)

my workshop... filled with carparts :)

and all back together again and running like a dream :D
from the moment it blew to running again took me 6 days. not bad if i do say so myself

*a few months later*

started to smoke a little when letting go of the throttle, braking on the engine and giving it some gas again.
after some detective work i found this to be the problem

exhast valve seals leaking a wee bit.

yay, another thing to repair :)

bought a few much needed goodies! lsd gearbox and coilovers

problem was, we didn;t know for sure there was an lsd in the box. so time to take it apart and check the box. also checking the synchro's etc to make sure the box was in good shape

box was filthy and oily as hell! so gave it a good scrub

stripping it down

and yes :D we have LSD!

everything in the box was in great shape so put it all back together and fitted it to the car.

the coilovers were bought with the knowlage that the adjusting parts had seized up. figuring i could get things moving again i started to work on them.. boy had i miscalculated the work it took!

quick "tool" that i made so that i could take an air wrench to the bottom of the shock to hammer it loose.
it worked... eventually... took a whole lot longer that i had figured but got all of them moving again.

and finally a few shots of my new hobby :) dragracing!

my wife making her runs (she still has a faster time than me! no fair! by just 0.05 seconds)

waiting to start the race :)

go baby go! :)

best run sofar with my ct9a 1 bar setup on street tires is a 14.4 @ 158km/h

now we wait to see what will fail next :D

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Terug van weg geweest :) EP82 turbo 17 okt 2015 06:46 #3718

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Right, let's blow some dust off this topic :)

Have been tinkering with the car (as usual)

last march i was at the drags and i encountered a few minor problems.

she was smoking blue, likely causes were valve seals.
she was leaking a bit of oil around the crank seal on the box side. meaning i would have to take off the gearbox.
and i wanted to swap out the engine loom as it had been hacked and slashed multiple times over the years for various mods and it was giving me all sorts of grief.

so, let's take her apart again :)

en yes... it failed :P

engine out

and yup, seals...
i'll never buy imitation crap again!

prepped the shop for engine surgery

bought a few new goodies

oem seals!

strip it!

and yups, she used oil

cleaned :)

head dismanteled

and yup... crappy seals... meh

fiddely work to put it all back together again

new crank seal

nearly rebuilt


added the oil cooler

mostly back together again

coolant bottle, because racecar

running again :) last bits to button up

and at the track 2 days after the rebuild :)
did about 15 oval laps and 60 drags, held together quite well :D pleased with the results

replaced the rear wing :)

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Terug van weg geweest :) EP82 turbo 17 okt 2015 06:47 #3719

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removed all the broken and crappy smoked gauges and replaced them with clear white ones with peak warning.
glad to have working info on the engine again :) didn't feel good to race around not knowing oil temp/pressure etc.

lights on:

imported straight from japan :)

toms wheels (dunno the type)

wrapped in new toyo R1R

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Terug van weg geweest :) EP82 turbo 17 okt 2015 06:47 #3720

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afgelopen weekeind het eerste DHRA dragweekend gehad :) (2014)

geweldige tijd gehad!

vrijdag avond aangekomen op de "camping" ofwel, pitsstraat met wat tenten en caravans :D

zaterdag ochten 8 uur stipt voor de keuring. goedgekeurd en lvast in de startrij gezet :) waar het nog vrij rustig was...

onze buurman :) leuk als je met dat bulderende v8 geweld wakker word :D
zeer goeie wekker kan ik je verzekeren :D :D

en meer van dat speelgoed

en jaaaa dat is een v8 escort!
helaas niet op de baan gezien. geen idee waarom

1000pk quatro anyone?

dankzij deze hebben we anderhalf uur stil gelegen. olie leiding van de olie koeler losgeschoten. 7 liter olie over 400m baan... whoops

dit was ook een hele mooie taunus. turbo was zo groot dat mijn hele blok er bijna in paste

dan terug naar hoe wij het gedaan hebben in onze klasse.
was een mooie strijd tussen de top en annemiek en ik hebben heel close gereden. hoe close? nou... kijk de 1/4 tijden

we reden steeds te snel voor onze klasse dus we moesten ons steeds inhouden om boven de 15 sec. te blijven.
dus banden hard gehouden. niet teveel opwarmen. rustig schakelen. scheelt ook dat je de boel dan heel houd :) en dan nog hebben we 14.5 neergezet terwijl we als doel de 15+ hadden. de beste 15+ tijden waren dus slechts 1 duizendste uit elkaar!

hiermee stonden we 3e en 4e in het klassement. hiervan ging de top 8 door voor eliminatie wedstrijden. dus heads up, snelste wint, valse start = loss, breakout (onder de 15 sec. rijden in onze klasse) = loss. echt mindgames om dat goed te doen.

in de eliminaties ben ik 3e geworden en annemiek had een misshift in de finale en werd uiteindelijk 2e

annemiek in de finale DSL eliminaties:

niet gek voor een weekeindje racen :D

alles heel gehouden, veel plezier gehad en met bekers (en veel klassements punten) thuisgekomen!

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Terug van weg geweest :) EP82 turbo 17 okt 2015 06:49 #3721

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Vrijdag weer een dagje op de baan gespendeerd :D (2014)

het was vrij rustig omdat er veel andere evenementen waren dus we konden mooi veel runs maken.
in totaal 24 runs gereden (mijn vrouw en ik elk 12x) en dat is voor drachten begrippen veel.

deze mooie grote el camino stond voor mij....

naderhand zag ik dit :P

fit bigger injectors they said... it will be fun they said....

heerlijk vermaakt op de baan. auto deed het goed. grip was niet geweldig maar we konden goed onze tijden rijden.
banden waren eerst wat te hard en we hadden nog wielspin in de 3e versnelling en kwamen slecht weg.
daarna de druk een stukje omlaag gegooid tot we de juiste afstelling hadden om redelijk voluit te kunnen rijden en dan een 15 seconden zouden rijden.

dit is goed gelukt want ik heb een paar keer mooie tijden neergezet van 15.034 en 15,055 en 14.972
dus we zaten dead on met de tijden!

dan komt annemiek een keertje voorbij en wat doet ze? rijd gewoon even doodleuk een 15.001 !!! das gegarandeerd 1e plaats :D

bij de prijsuitreiking werd ik blij verrast dat niemand van onze klasse mijn 15.034 heeft weten te verbeteren en we zijn naar huis gegaan met 1e en 2e prijs :D

sinds kort heb ik een GoPro cam dus daar ook even wat mee geprobeerd. helaas blijkt 1 accu niet voldoende en heb niet mega veel kunnen filmen nadat ik een time lapse van de heenweg had gemaakt. maar de 15.001 run van annemiek staat er wel tussen!


in het filmpje kun je zien hoe wij onze gecombineerde runs maken.
annemiek start vooraan in de OSL klasse, na de run over het gras snel terug naar de OSL rij en daar wisselen we snel van rijder en startnummer.
ik sluit dan achteraan weer aan en achter mij zet ronald van DHRA (mannetje in rode shirt) het hek weer dicht. Na mijn run rij ik de hele opstelling voorbij en parkeer hem vooraan de rij zodat annemiek weer als 1e op de baan staat.
zo kunnen wij evenveel runs maken als andere deelnemers met 2 rijders op 1 auto

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Terug van weg geweest :) EP82 turbo 17 okt 2015 06:49 #3722

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zo dan. het race jaar 2014 zit er weer op :)

afgelopen zaterdag de laatste prijsuitreiking gehad en met grote trots 2e algemeen klassement DSL geworden :D

hier de voorraad prijzen die ik dit jaar gewonnen heb:

maar de uiteindelijke winst is naar mijn vrouw gegaan die zich nederlands kampioen DSL 2014 mag noemen :D
en uiteindelijk in de puntentelling heeft ze de 2e plaats in het europees kampioenschap veroverd! #doetzegoed!

de prijzen die annemiek dit jaar heeft binnen gehaald:

we zijn een grotere prijzenkast nodig denk ik...

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Terug van weg geweest :) EP82 turbo 17 okt 2015 06:51 #3723

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And here we go again... little update to the ongoing story that is my car.

Last week i finally rebuilt a hybrid trbo that i bought in bits. after some tinkering it boosted great! no smoke. turbo was feeling very very happy.
happely boostin along at 1.15 bar on the freeway. teasing high priced cars (the usual fun)
when i turned off the freeway and i wanted to downshift i couldent get it into gear. like. couldent physically move the gearstick into 4th gear.
or 3rd
or 2nd
not even 1st...

so rolled to a dead stop. Mangled it into 2nd gear wich took a lot of force but i got it in. and slowly drove the lil old toyota back home.
First thoughts: syncho's dead. it had been grinding a little lately and kept pushing the gearstick almost out of 3rd for a few weeks.
and heck. after years of racing it came as no suprise the gearbox finally died on me. Hell, i was suprised it lasted this long!

So back at the shop. called a mate and he came over to help rip her guts out once more

duo tinkering ftw!

after 2 hours of work:

Why take the engine out? I have no car hoist and have a bad shoulder so manhandeling a box underneath the car isnt gonna work for me

engine out, box off, time to strip the box down

bits of synchro ring.. goody :D treasure hunt!

Didnt find much wrong with the box at first. not a lot of metal shavings or bits.
Until i took apart the shaft that holds 3rd and 4th gear...

Left it an example of what the stuff on the right should have looked like.. whoops.
thats the C clip that held 3rd gear in place. doin a fine job there C clip... yup..

Left a good needle bearing. right the ones that were on the 3rd gear... also whoops..

Manual stated: check braking of the synchro ring on the 3rd gear.

Syncho bent and smashed solid onto 3rd gear... braking just fine yup..

Goody.. bits n pieces :D

Spare box anyone?

My old GT box that had the housing damaged. but internals should be fine. Time to salvage some bits

Turns out there are quite a few diffrences between gearboxes. small diffrences but some might give issues if you mix and match parts.
tried ordering replacement synchro's from my local toyota dealer. that was fun >.<

"there are 4 types of snchro sets available for that gearbox sir"

great.. how do i check which ones i need?

"Do you have the chassis nr for me sir?" yeah right.. GG on that :P replaced engine on the car when i swapped from 2e-e to 4efte engine. bought a glanza box with lsd in it which didnt originally come from that glanza either. so no, chassis nr wont help one bit..

so back to my pile of parts and sorted some bits that seemed fine and fit perfectly.

Working on putting the mixed box parts back together
LSD back in, gear shafts are in, fixing up shift linkages.
quite a puzzle :)

And aaargh! Blood! Call 911! under attack by a gearbox!

All parts smashed back together again. dry shifting feels and sounds great. so lets hope it works!

Oh, old clutch :) fun fun.

Has seen better days :D drags have deffo taken its toll on this poor old clutch

Flywheel hasnt been hot at all ^^ cracks all round the surface... surface all warped... whoops. might have seen a few too many burnouts and maybe a few mis shifts with slipping clutch :P

So back to digging in the pile of parts and yay, a good looking flywheel was fitted

Replacement clutch. Stock replacement since this engine/box combo should only have to run for 1 more season. If the clutch cant handle the power i'll just tone down the boost a lil bit.

The epic manual from exedy :D

Goodies on the engine :D

Fitted box to engine once more

hybrid hmmmm

Droppin it in again (this looks familliar... perhaps i've done this too many times... lol

Back in its rightfull place

All hooked up and back from the first test flight. boost feels great. making good power. boostcontroller doing its thing very well. hybrid running on 1.15 bar boost.
clutch seems to hold just fine :) so happy with the results! gearbox is shifting sweet again. so i'd say: operation succesfull!

Lets guess what will break next?

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Terug van weg geweest :) EP82 turbo 17 okt 2015 06:51 #3724

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Well then... As usual in english so i dont have to rewrite everything for all the forums :)

Let me tell you a story about a lil old toyota that could...

This year i wanted to compete 1 class higher in the dragrace series
Last year me and my wife ran in the DSL class (15 second)
The goal for this year was 14 seconds. Still with the base 1.3 stock block with newly added mods as i mentioned in the

previous post.

Since my main gol was to run for the dutch championship we decided to test the car on the very first event in Hildesheim

germany. If the car could make the 14 flat it would be great. if it didn't
then no loss because the event doesnt count for the dutch championship.

So prepped the car, drove 3 hours to Hildesheim and entered the event.

rdy to go:

waiting in lineup:

we had a headwind so after every burnout we saw this...

After a few runs i wasnt making the times i was hoping for. It was a no prep event
and the car just didnt get the numbers down.

Had some bad weather aswell during the event

Start em young! so cool to see this :D

Even borrowed some R888 tires from a fellow driver to see if that could make the diffrence

So right then and there i decided to ditch the whole CSL class idea and enter in the DSL class for one more year.
Lowered the boost a tiny bit so the engine would run safer and put down a few numbers that were decent for the DSL class and went home.

Next up! first weekend event in drachten And going flat out for the championship :)

We could only run the saturday qualification runs as sunday was a total rainout so we could not run the eleminations.
I had the best qualifying time of my class with a 15.012 and took home the win :)

Next up was the second weekend event at Drachten airport and it was HOT... sooooo HOT we were all pretty much melting away
in the sun (no shade, no trees, grass field... nowehre to hide from the sun) After every run the whole lineup had the hoods open to try and get rid of a little bit of the heat.

All the top class cars were parked in tents etc between the runs.
And again the sunday was rain rain rain and we could pretty much start the quarter mile rowing because the whole airfield was flooded. People getting stuck in the mud trying to leave the field etc.

Yet again i managed to put down the winning time in qualifying on saturday so yet again i took home the nr 1 cup.
It was after this race that i got a message from the race officials saying "Hey there champ, your doing great! you are currently in the nr 1 position for the EDRS championship"
So i said yeah, i know im doing well in the DSL class. to which he replied "No, no, i mean 1st place overall, over all classes, in the european championship"

Well that made things interesting! I didnt even pay attention to what the other classes were doing. It wasnt even my
intention to run for the overall european championship. So me and my wife decided to run the nxt event in germany aswell and see how things went from there. (yes my wife was also running the events but she missed the hildesheim event)

Next round was Jade Race Wilhelmshaven Germany (another 3 hour drive yay)
Even Nascars tried to have a go at the drags.. and oooh boy they cant drag for shit :P but they had fun

At Jade race i managed to score 4th place and it turned out that was still enough to keep me in the lead in the overall championship.

Thus we decided we kinda had to race the next one aswell. Row Race days Rotenburg Germany (another long drive hurray!)
Plz keep in mind that i drove the car to all the events, not trailored, so hoping i wouldent break anything bad as i kinda wanted to be able to drive home again :)

At Rotenburg we encountered a small dilemma after qualifying day was over. Both me and my wife had qualified for the finals and we finally had good weather on sunday so we could finally run the eliminations.
The top 8 was pitted against eachother and had to eliminate the opponent in order to advance.
Basic rules are simple, dont run a red light, be the first to go over the finnish and you win. But, i cant run below 15 seconds because that would result in a breakout. So i had to be faster than the other guy, but not too fast either (and flat out my car was running 14.6 on rotenburg)

Sunday morning began a lil wet, but we put the car in lineup and waited till the track would dry.

can we race now? plz? i want to play...

track started to dry and the others came out to play aswell

Our class on Rotenburg on sunday:

some wicked cars were there

and one wicked wankel golf running nitro :D

First round was fairly eas for me as my opponent had a bad start so outran him with ease. But here comes the issue, My wife also advanced to the semi finals and was to be my next opponent! wait.. whut? how? 1 car, 2 drivers.. euhm..
We had the coice of either one of us would just give up and let the other "win" or.. race eachother! We chose to race eachother and decided we wouldent pull any punches. even if i had more championship points we would both race out best and see what would happen. I was up first. My wife was taken behind the race trailer so whe couldent see or hear my results. I

ran my time and on my way back i had no idea what my time was. Score boards were empty.
Me and my wife swapped places so she could make her run and i wouldent be able to see the results. And she rand a perfect run and beat my time. So i had the runner up finals and she went on to the final race. I ended up 3rd and she ended up second on the event.

But even with my 3rd place i managed to stay ahead of the main competition in the other classes. Even the white Pro-ET mustang that had run 4 events with just 3 or 4 cars in its class (so gaining a lot of points whatever he did)
With just 2 events to go things were starting to look like i might actually pull this off. But so much could go wrong as the competition was rly rly close.

On the Last race weekend at Drachten airport the game was on! Do or die!

I dont have any pictures of the event but the sunday was wet yet again (what was up with the weather this year...)
and on saturday i had qualified 4th with 15.028 and my wife qualified 5th with 15.033 (top 5 DSL class within 0.03 seconds of eachother... close much?)

When we got home we looked up the points of all my competitors for the overall championship and i was still in the lead! (barely)

The 2 cars that were a big threat going into the very last event for the european championship were:
Michael Kietz in the SM (street modified) class

and Michael Bush in the CSL class:

Last event: Husum Germany! 5 hour drive... Danish border..

Camp Holland:

waiting for track to clear after an oildown

I qualified very very well on the very first run and put down a 15.07! so i would be in the finals on sunday no matter what.
Bush in the CSL also qualified very well and the both of us were very happy that we would both have a shot at the championship.
Michael Kiets ran very badly in the mustang with engine fueling issues. Farting and banging all over the place ending up with a time not good enough to qualify in his SM class.

So the race was between me and bush! We were so close in points that i had to be first or second in the finals in order to stay ahead of him. If he was to win his class and i would end up 3rd in my class he would take the championship.

Sunday proved to be a beautifull day, perfect for finals!
My first run was against the nr 7 on the list. He had qualified with a 15.7 time so all i had to do is stay ahead of him.
My start was good, had no trouble staying out in front of him as expected, made sure i didnt go under the 15 seconds and took the win in round 1.

Bush the lucky git had a Bye run (no opponent showed up) so all he had to do was make the run and he would be through to the nxt round aswell.

Next up for me was Mandy in her opel corsa opc nurburgring edition. The car could run a consistent 15.1 time so she didnt leave me much room to beat her. This would get tense. If i would win i would be in the final round thus ensuring me the overall championship. So she was my very very last obstacle.
She was quite nervous to be running against me and i took full advantage of that. The race starts before lining up the cars. So she completed her burnout and proceeded to put her car in pre stage and rolled right onto stage. So i took my time with my burnout, rolled onto prestage. looking over to her.. waiting a few seconds (she would be getting sweaty palms by now) and got into stage, yellow yellow yellow green! go go go! My start was very very good! and i was quite far ahead of mandy, shifting to 3rd i realised... im going too fast! ill run a breakout! so i lifted the throttle a bit. as just staying ahead of her would be enough to win the round. But i lifted a bit too much and many pulled up to me! i floored it trying to stay ahead of her and crossed the finnish line just ahead of her... pffff.. won with 0.07 seconds >.<

and with that i was EUROPEAN CHAMPION 2015!!!!! *bouncing all over the place*

But the race wasnt over yet, i still had the final to run, winning it would be the cherry on the cake
My last opponent turned out to be a guy who ran a 15.3 as fastest so same game as before, just stay a car length ahead and take the win. Did as planned and won the Husum event :D

Bush also ended up winning the CSL class so it turned out to be a very very close championship.

And for the prize:

Going to vegas!!! :D

But the story doesnt end there. There was 1 more event to go. The dutch championship finals! Very last race of the year on drachten airport.

In the dutch championship i was 1st in the DSL class followed closely by Lennard. So close that i had to be 1st to win the dutch championship. If lennard would be first he would (just) pass me in points and he woudl take the dutch championship.
Do remember that the whole goal at the start of the season was winning the dutch DSL championship :D lol, that escalated quickly

The finals was a 1 day event. so no eleminations, just qualifying runs. and best time would determine the rankings.
My very first run of the day turned out to be a whopping 15.028 seconds. I was over the moon as this was a very hard time to beat. But it could happen. there were a couple of cars that could do very clean 15 times. Including Lennard.
I kept watchingthe times of Lennard and a few others but i kept the lead. Till the very last run of the evening. I was pretty sure i had this in the bag as the other cars only had 1 shot left at the time. Lennard ran a stunning 15.029!! 0.001 second behind me! yikes! close much?

And with that i ended up winning the very last race of the year and won the dutch championship!

So here is the lil old toyota that could.

European overall champion
European DSL champion
Dutch DSL champion

I'm over the moon with the results :D The car never broke down once during the season. Im quite pleased with my engine building skills :)

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Terug van weg geweest :) EP82 turbo 17 okt 2015 06:52 #3725

  • StarletGTT
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zo dan :D dat is 10 jaar auto bezit in het "kort" haha

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Terug van weg geweest :) EP82 turbo 18 okt 2015 08:58 #3726

  • j0hann3s
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Welkom terug rage

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Terug van weg geweest :) EP82 turbo 21 okt 2015 14:47 #3727

  • krh
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Mooi verslag over die tien jaar , welkom back
Gefeliciteerd met je behaalde prijzen, geweldig gedaan met de Starlet.

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Terug van weg geweest :) EP82 turbo 26 okt 2015 23:01 #3729

  • toyo bob
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Erg leuk om te lezen en gefeliciteerd met je prijzen.

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Terug van weg geweest :) EP82 turbo 20 nov 2015 16:59 #3734

  • Fabian
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Wauw, erg gaaf om dit allemaal zo te lezen. Vette transformatie!

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Terug van weg geweest :) EP82 turbo 06 dec 2015 20:25 #3755

  • Garrett
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ik heb je gemist vandaag @emmen haha

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